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About Me

Becky Qilavvaq in Ilulissat, Greenland 2016
Hello! Ullukkut!

I am a self-taught artist from Nunavut, Canada, and have been drawing and designing Inuit-inspired fashions since I was a kid; but am now finally bringing some of those ideas to life! I will be adding more and more items to the page as the days go. :)

If you have questions about my products, check out my FAQ page on here, or come to my Facebook page: Becky Qilavvaq - Art & Culture. I will try my best to keep in communication with everybody, I thank you for your interest and patience at this busy time. :)

I'm really excited to join my fellow Inuit artists in providing inspiring and fun clothing and products that remind us of home, and make us feel proud of our unique identity and heritage! Inuit are a strong, loving people and I know our ancestors would be amazed at what we're able to do these days with design, with them as our inspiration!

To my lovely Inuk and non-Inuk friends, I give you a heartfelt thank-you for all your support and encouragement, and for joining me in celebrating Inukness. :)






Becky Kilabuk was born and raised in the beautiful, mountainous community of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, where she was deeply immersed in her culture, spoke only Inuktitut and gained a strong foundation in her identity as an Inuk. She studied Inuit History for two years in Ottawa at the celebrated, Algonquin-accredited program, Nunavut Sivuniksavut, as well as at St. Francis Xavier University in the Adult Education Diploma program. Becky is now based in the capital, Iqaluit, and is co-founder and former President of the territorial suicide prevention organization known as the Embrace Life Council, and today works in the Department of Social Policy at the Qikiqtani Inuit Association where she works to inspire, equip and to empower young Inuit locally, regionally and nationally. Becky is very passionate about designing, developing and delivering a wide range of capacity-building programs, teaching workshops on leadership, Inuit culture, Inuit history, and community development. Becky is also the designer of innovative learning tools such as the Atii Game Show, and co-designer of the 'Ilinniarnarsivuq: Time for School' App.

Aside from her work in social development, Becky is a self-taught visual artist with an ever-expanding range of Inuit-inspired products. She is also a photographer and master throatsinger. She has been travelling the world for over a decade as a cultural ambassador to places such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Britain, India, Greenland and Alaska. Becky was chosen to perform at the 2010 Olympics and has over her career performed for people from all walks of life including monks and royalty. Becky is also a short-filmmaker, creator of the video "Feel the Inukness", and is signed to a licensing firm in the UK, having had her work shown on MTV USA, Comedy Central UK and at various international film festivals. She was named Emerging Filmmaker of the Year at the APTN Ajjiit Awards. Becky has received two Commissioner's Awards and in her young lifetime has received two Jubilee medals, Gold and Diamond, from Queen Elizabeth II.


Shot, Directed and Edited by Becky Qilavvaq
Featuring the multi-talented Anguti Johnston