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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the current wait times for orders?

The cups, wood prints and fine art prints as well as my magnets ship fairly fast. Only a few days for processing and shipping, depending on demand and a few other factors.

The clothing takes an average of about 4-5 days for custom-manufacturing, as they are sewn and put together upon order, and shipping times on top of that. 

I often order stock of my items in most sizes to cut down waiting time, so if you are in a rush, feel free to email me at to ask if I have a specific item in stock. 

2) Are you able to ship internationally?

Yup! Anywhere, worldwide! This site will automatically calculate costs, but if you want to order from me directly without the site and pay for priority mail, it's $12 in Nunavut, $18 anywhere else in Canada, and $30 international. - Also, if you're on Baffin Island, or in Kuujjuaq or in Ottawa, I am also able to send items from Iqaluit by hand-carrier on flights (Inuk-style!).

3) What currency are the prices in?

Everything is in Canadian dollars. All items are designed in Nunavut, and most items are manufactured and shipped out of Quebec. If you need a currency conversion calculator, please visit 

4) What if I don't have a credit card?

When you check out from the website, you will have the option to pay by either Email Money Transfer (EMT) or Paypal if you don't have a Credit Card. Send EMTs to (with security answer: Iqaluit). If you are in Iqaluit and prefer to pay cash, just message me. Or if you want to use WE VISA through the stores, we can discuss that as well. :)

5) Why are some leggings in a thicker fabric than others?

When I first introduced my leggings, I was using one of my manufacturers in Asia that I spent months testing out for quality. I went with them because I liked their product, but very recently, I decided to go with a different manufacturer here in Canada because it will be easier and faster for ordering and shipping, and are now in a high-quality compression fabric. The compression leggings only go up to XL in size, but the original leggings go up to 5X in a non-compression fabric.

6) How can I order your magnets?

Right now, I would need to ship the magnets separately from the leggings. Shipping is $12 within Nunavut, and $18 anywhere else in Canada. The magnets are $10 each or $70 for 10 (which comes with free post cards and I often include bonus magnets). If you would like to order magnets, please email They ship immediately.

7) Do you have any other products besides leggings and magnets?

Yes, I have mugs, coasters, mouse pads, post cards, Christmas cards, canvas prints, framed prints, pillow cases, couch cushions, and an exclusive Inuk doll which is currently only available for auction, raffle or special order. To see products, go to facebook page: Becky Qilavvaq - Art & Culture. I will also make more items available through this site as time goes.

8) Do you take custom orders?

Yes, if it's simple enough. I have done phone cases with personalized names, or certain colour selections for leggings on custom order. If it does not require too much design work, I am usually able to accommodate orders. Email me at to discuss. (as for drawing something totally new from scratch, I am too busy to do that at this time, sorry).

9) Do you provide plus sizes?

My current manufacturer for this website offers sizes up to XL, which can fit like a 1X or even a snug 2X, but I have another manufacturer that provides sizes up to 5XL. If you would like plus size leggings or capris, it is now available on this site, but I do not have the tops or dresses available yet in plus size. But you are free to message or email me and to see some of the options I'm working on, if you would like to see examples of the plus size dresses and shirts I'm developing and you are able to special order through me directly if you're interested.

10) What if I want to exchange the clothing I ordered to a different size?
The manufacturer that I use does not allow cancellations or size changes, but if you wanted to exchange your size you would either have to ship your item to me in Iqaluit, Nunavut, at your own expense, while I place a new order for you. If you have not received your item yet and if it has not yet been shipped, I can simply change the shipping address of your order to myself, and re-order a different size to be shipped to you.

11) Do you make Children's clothing?

I currently do not have children's clothing for sale, but am working on a few designs that will be coming out very soon. :)

12) Do you design Men's clothing?

The Kakivak design was originally supposed to be printed on sweat pants for men, but the Los Angeles company I was working with wasn't able to print them exactly as I wanted, so I decided to turn them into leggings. I'm still working hard to try to get men's clothing out very soon. 

13) What languages do you provide services in?

I am fully fluent in English and Inuktitut (Nunavummiutauguvi, Nunavimmilluunnii tukisigunnattiaqtunga). I also have a functional understanding of Greenlandic (allanniarisi!) and French. I also understand a lot of Danish in text. 

14) Do you have new products coming out soon?

Yes, I have a wide range of designs that I'm working on everyday. If you would like to stay updated, click 'like' on my facebook page: Becky Qilavvaq - Art & Culture. I often have contests and free give-aways. If you look on the bottom of my homepage of this website, you will also see an option to subscribe to emails. I may periodically send out discount codes. :)

15) Do you have a store that we can visit?

In Iqaluit, you are able to come and see my products where I am based. (facebook message me at 'Becky Qilavvaq' or email me at Also, if you are in Nuuk, Greenland, my magnets are available at the Anori Art store. If you are in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, my magnets are available at Tivi Galleries.. If you are in Kivalliq you may go to Ivalu, Kiluk and other subsidiaries to see my magnets, mugs and post cards. :)

16) Do you provide your products at wholesale?

Yes, I don't currently have a set price scale, but am able to negotiate a fair price for my products based on desired quantities. Email me at, or message me on facebook (Becky Qilavvaq - Art & Culture).

17) Where do the profits go from sales?

Good question! The inspiration for selling my art started with wanting to have a way to help families with food, as the costs are so high in the arctic and many struggle. I regularly use part of the proceeds to buy groceries for families or individuals in need, who are carefully chosen and sometimes nominated. Also, a high percentage of the profits are simply re-invested towards creating and purchasing new products. :)

Qujannamiik! Any other questions, please email me at or send me a message through my Facebook page: Becky Qilavvaq - Art & Culture.