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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the current wait times for orders?

Worldwide delays do sometimes effect wait times, but it's been pretty decent. Items like the cups, wood prints and household items ship fairly fast. Only a few days for processing and shipping.

The clothing items take an average of about 4-5 days for custom-manufacturing, as they are sewn and put together upon order; shipping times on top of that. 

If in a rush and you're in Iqaluit or in a nearby community, I do often keep stock on-hand. Feel free to check out the "Iqaluit Stock" page, or email me at 

2) Are you able to ship internationally?

Yup! Anywhere, worldwide! This site automatically calculates costs based on size and weight, which are all fairly standard flat rates all around. 

3) What currency are the prices in?

Everything is in Canadian dollars. All items are designed in Nunavut, and most items are manufactured and shipped out of Quebec. If you need a currency conversion calculator, please visit 

4) What if I don't have a credit card?

When checking out, you will have the option to pay by either PayPal or EMT (Email Money Transfer). I also accept cash if living in Iqaluit. I'm fairly flexible if you were needing to pay by cheque, direct deposit, or through wire transfer, just email me at or message me through Facebook - look for "Becky Qilavvaq". 

5) How can I order your magnets?

The magnets are shipped out of Iqaluit. Shipping costs sometimes vary but is usually $20 if using prepaid envelopes. The magnets are $10 each or $60 for 9 (which come with free post cards). If you would like to order, please email

6) Do you do custom orders?

Sure, if you want one of the items from my website but in a different colour scheme, I am more than happy to do that. Also I can add personalized names to items, in Inuktitut syllabics or in English. As for more time-consuming stuff like drawings from scratch, we would have to discuss whether I might have enough time to do that. Email me at

7) Do you provide plus sizes?

I use multiple manufacturers and most of them go up to 2X and sometimes 3X. If you are wanting to order any specific items in a larger size, there is one manufacturer that does go up to 6X but it might be a slightly different version of the design on my site. It doesn't take too long, just message me or email me and I can show you some options. <3 Just a note that it might cost $10 to $40 more depending on various factors, or it might be the same price. 

8) What if I want to exchange the clothing I ordered to a different size?
If you let me know fast enough, usually I can change the size before the manufacturer gets to work on your item. If they've already started working on your order though, I can always mail it to myself, and place a new order for you at no extra cost. If you want to exchange it once it's already in the mail or once you've already received it, then you will need to send the item(s) to me at your own cost, then I will cover the shipping cost of the new item and have it sent to you.

9) Do you make Children's clothing?

I have designed a bunch of kids clothes such as leggings, hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts but I don't always feature them on my site. Some are available here in Iqaluit if you would like to see some. Contact me and I can send you a list or share some pics.

10) Do you make Men's clothing?

Yes, if you look on the site I have a number of hoodies, mugs, and other items that make for great gifts for men. The majority of my items are designed more for women, but I'm working hard to increase the number of items designed for men.

11) What languages do you provide services in?

English, and my first language is Inuktitut (ᐅᖄᓚᐅᑎᒃᑯᑦ  ᑎᑭᓴᐃᖔᕈᒪᓐᓂᕈᕕᑦ  ᓯᕙᓂᕈᓐᓇᑦᑎᐊᖅᑐᑎᑦ - 867-222-3881). I also have a functional understanding of Greenlandic (aluunnguit, naggueqatinnguarput, tikilluaritsi! allanniarisi apeqquteqarussi) and I can text or email in French and Danish.

12) Do you have a physical store that we can visit?

In Iqaluit, you are able to come and see my products where I am based, but even easier you can check my "Iqaluit Stock" page on this site, and we can do contactless delivery or pickup of the items you would like to buy. Also, if you are in Nuuk, Greenland, my magnets are available at the Anori Art store. If you are in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, they may have some of my items available at Tivi Galleries. If you are in the Kivalliq you may go to Ivalu in Rankin Inlet, or Kiluk in Arviat. Sometimes the shop in Panniqtuuq carries my items as well. If you want to see more of my items available in your community, feel free to reach out to your local store and get them to check out this site, I am able to sell items in bulk at discounted costs for re-sale.

13) Do you provide your products at wholesale?

Yes, all you have to do is go to the main store ( ), add to cart all of the items you are interested in, and in your desired quantities, then as you check out, choose "Invoice" as your payment option. Once I see your order, I will decide your level of discount based on items in cart and send you a quote by email for you to review. If happy with the wholesale offer, you can pay by either credit card, cheque or by bank transfer.

14) Where do the profits go from sales?

Good question! The inspiration for selling my art started with wanting to have a way to help families with food, as the costs are so high in the arctic and many struggle. I use some of the proceeds to buy groceries for families or individuals in need, who are carefully chosen and sometimes nominated. Also, a high percentage of the profits are simply re-invested towards creating and purchasing new products for the website. :) 

Qujannamiik! Any other questions, please email me at or send me a message through my Facebook page: @Becky Qilavvaq.